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    The handy thing about chilli powder is that you have greater control over the resulting heat & taste intensity, compared to that achieved with flaked and chopped chilli. Chilli powder is probably the most versatile form that chilli comes in. It can be used to enhance the flavour of a dish or it can become one of the main constituents of a dish. For example, chilli powder could be used to uplift the taste of red pepper soup or mixed in with wet ingredients to make a chilli paste for frying vegetables. 

    Origin: Pakistan
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    Beef Tail is a bony, gelatin-rich meat, which is usually slow-cooked as a stew. We import the best quality ox tail from the shores of Australia. 

    Origin: Australia

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    Crushed red peppers are also known as red pepper flakes have become a must in every kitchen. Chile peppers have become the most used spice around the world and the variety of flakes has increased as well. **Allergen Advice** (Jalpur products are packed and produced in a mill that handles wheat, gluten, nuts, peanuts, mustard, sesame and soya)

    Origin: Pakistan
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    These ‘Red Chillies’ will impart a wonderful deep red colour into your Indian/Thai/Oriental without adding too much heat.They are in demand for their gorgeous colouring characteristics and their mild heat. The traditional preparation of these whole dried chillies are to soak them in water then ground into a paste before adding to a dish.

    Origin: Pakistan
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