List of Leading Halal Food Suppliers in Japan

List of Leading Halal Food Suppliers in Japan

Halal Food market in Japan has grown tremendously in recent times, thanks to the growing Muslim population in the country and also to an increase awareness of the meaning of Halal among the Japanese consumers. Few decades Japan was completely naive to the term Halal but it is now easier than ever to find Halal food of your choice. Many of the importers of halal products are now also serving as halal retailers. Below is the list of leading halal food suppliers in Japan that also offer online shopping and delivery service.

AAG Halal Food: It is the oldest and the largest halal food business in Japan. They have been serving foreigners in Japan for the last 30 years. Their prices are the most economical among all the leading halal food suppliers in Japan. Delivery is free for orders over 10,000 YEN. AAG Halal Foods imports all types of meats, vegetables, spices, fruits, juices, tea, tobacco, pickles, breads, flour etc from all parts of the world including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, China, USA, Thailand, France, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia and more.

Halal Deli: Bento lunchbox delivery service of halal Japanese/Malaysian food starting from JPY 980.  Available in Tokyo.

Halal Store: Online shopping mall of halal foods.  Mainly Japanese products of no pork and no alcohol.

Halal Food Shop: Halal food website.  Also handles wholesale.

Watan Sapporo Halal Food: Online shopping site focusing on spices and halal meat.  Based in Sapporo Hokkaido.

Azhar Halal Foods Japan: Online shopping site for imported products and fresh foods. (Accepting Bitcoin!)

The Meat Guy:Meat shopping website that also handles halal meat.

Kobe Halal Food: Imported products sorted along countries. Delivery for products above JPY 8000 is free.

Said Shop: Retailer in Fukuoka offering Halal food products to Muslims living in Japan.

Padma Halal Food: Imported goods of freshwater fish, halal meat, vegetables from Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brazil, and Australia directly.

Smile Infinity: Curry spice, halal meat and beans.   Free shipping over JPY 7000.

Oishii Halal Food: Online shop for Japanese beef.

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