Benefits of Halal Meat – From Japan’s Standpoint

Benefits of Halal Meat – From Japan’s Standpoint

For Muslim, eating halal meat is a big deal because for them eating halal meat is a clear order from the Holy Quran. In other words, it is something nonnegotiable though meat is not forbidden to be consumed by Muslim and they know exactly about the health benefits of red meat. However, the number of people outsides Muslim circle also decided to choose halal meat over non-halal meat, not because Holy Quran ordered them to do that but because they realized about the health benefits of eating halal meat.

What Are the Criteria of Halal Meat in Japan?

To differentiate meat from halal and non-halal is not as easy as you think. The word ‘halal’ is derived from Arabic word which means ‘permitted’ or ‘lawful’. The opposite of halal is haram which means ‘prohibited’ or ‘unlawful. Though Holy Quran has stated that some animals’ meats are non-halal while others are halal but still there are some possibilities that make halal meats become non halal. To learn more about halal meat, below is the list of general criteria of halal meat you should know:

  • Pork, bacon/harm and anything from pigs are haram.
  • Dead animals before being slaughtered in proper way is also haram even they are animals allowed to be consumed such as cow or goat.
  • Animals with fangs are haram such as cats, dogs and snakes.
  • Most fish species are halal except for those that are living in two habitats (water and land) such as frogs, species of alligator and crocodiles.
  • There are specific rules about how to slaughter animal. If the slaughtered animals are not following the rules, they are considered to be haram. Based on the research studies, the Islamic way in slaughtering animal is considered to be the most humane method because animals that are being slaughtered do not suffer the pain at all.
  • Moreover, the way the animals were raised and fed are also really matter and the way meats are served also should be done in proper way with no haram ingredients involved or added.

Those six points are only the general information about how to differentiate halal and haram meat. In meat and poultry industry which involved massive amount of animals and birds species the rules could be a bit more complicated but they are totally doable. It is easy to find halal meat in countries with Muslim majority but it could be a bit tricky to find halal foods in countries with Muslim minority but with the increase of Muslim travelers, countries like Japan and Korea are starting to provide sufficient access to halal foods.

Health Benefits of Eating Halal Meat in Japan

As mentioned above, the reason why all Muslims and most people outside Muslim circle are decided to start eating halal meat is not only because the Holy Quran orders them to do it but because there are scientific researches that prove the real health benefits of eating halal meat. The list below will tell you why eating halal meat is good for your health compared to non-halal meat.

  1. Safer to Eat

One of the criteria of halal meat is including how the animals were raised and fed. The main problem that most people should face when it comes to meat right now is they don’t know from where the meat comes from. Meat with halal certified is easier to be traced from where the animals come from and normally meat with halal certified are raised and fed naturally and free from animal byproducts. In other words, it is safer to eat.

  1. Lower Risk of Being Contaminated by Dangerous Stuffs

When it comes to halal meat, most Muslim prefer to get their meat from the most respectable and reliable butcher only. It is because one of the main criteria for halal meat is the animals should be slaughtered by a fully grown-up Muslim man. So, most of them are getting the fresh meat rightly from the butcher hand, so the meat is in lower risk of being contaminated by dangerous stuffs. Though right now the access to the health benefits of ground meat through the halal certified labeled in the product is easier.

  1. Free From Harmful Substances

Do you know when an animal is slaughtered in Muslim way, all the blood is drained out including the blood in the organs? It means, the meat will be free from harmful substances because blood is the source of harmful substances and there is no thing as dangerous as contaminated blood entering your body. That is why Muslim is forbidden to consume animal blood.

  1. Good Impact for Brain

Believe it or not but what you eat is what you have in your brain. Among the amazing health benefits of lamb meat is good for brain. Furthermore, if what you eat is only halal foods which is free from harmful substances, your brain will get all the good impact. Furthermore, as mentioned in the point number one, you could enjoy your food at ease without worrying whether the meat is safe to eat or not. That is why to fight the symptoms of depression, consuming halal meat is also recommended.

  1. Helps Developing Stronger Immunity System

Healthy foods are the only ones that could optimize the strength of immunity system because halal foods are not only a guarantee to have access to safe food but also healthy food. Moreover, the ease of mind while consuming healthy foods will have positive impact to your immunity system as well and protect you from diseases that may be dangerous for you.

  1. Improves Body Metabolism

The combination of healthy food entering your body, stronger immunity system and healthy mind are the excellent way to improve your body metabolism. When your metabolism is in healthy pace is easy to maintaining your overall health because all nutrients will be absorbed optimally and other harmful substances will be fully eliminated from the body system.

  1. Healthier to Consume

In summary, halal meat is healthier to be consumed compared to the non-halal ones since you cannot always guarantee that the non-halal meat is safer to eat or not while all meats with halal certified are guaranteed to be safer to eat. Muslim is also not against the health benefits of fermented foods though of course the fermentation processes are using halal ingredients only.

The seven health benefits of eating halal meat as mentioned above are not only one-sided claims but already proven scientifically through specific researches. So, for those who are not Muslim but decided to choose halal meat over the haram ones, you have taken an important step to reach your healthy living goal. Furthermore, you must be surprised that in some ways, halal meat is surprisingly taste better than the haram ones. So, from now on, keep your eyes to foods with halal certified only to ensure safer, healthier and tastier foods for your family.

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